The Private Equity Growth Capital Council (PEGCC) is pleased to present our 2012 Year in Review. This year, for the first time, we are presenting our annual report in an interactive iBook format, along with a more traditional PDF format. iBook provides us the opportunity to highlight the exciting interactive content the PEGCC developed during 2012.

Apple’s proprietary iBook format can only be viewed on an iPad loaded with Apple’s free iBooks app. If you do not have an iPad, you can still read about our accomplishments over the past year by downloading the report in a traditional PDF format.

Thank you for your interest in the private equity industry. To download a copy of our 2012 Year in Review, simply follow the instructions below.

PEGCC_iBook_iPadcover 12.11.30 PM iBook Format – PEGCC 2012 Year in Review
Requirements: To view the 2012 Year in Review you will need an Apple iPad and the free iBooks app. You can get the iBooks app though Apple’s iTunes store or by following this link.

To download: Load the iBooks app on your iPad. Then navigate to this page using your iPad. Tap the 2012 Year in Review download button. Only tap once. The download will take several minutes to complete. When it is completed, click “open the iBooks app.” It will take several additional minutes to load the annual report into your iBook app, which should open automatically, and the 2012 Year in Review will be available for viewing.

Please note: Download times will vary based on the speed of your Internet connection. After processing, you will have continued instant access to the iBook.
PEGCC_pdf Traditional PDF format – PEGCC 2012 Year in Review
Requirements: The PDF format 2012 Year in Review can be viewed on any laptop or tablet with a PDF reader. Adobe Acrobat Reader (a popular PDF reader) is available for download here.

To download: Check to ensure you have a PDF reader loaded on your device. Click on the download link above. Once downloaded, click on the file to read.